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Holistic healing & detox massage with ayurvedic herbal oils

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Abhyanga is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic oil massage therapy for healing and detoxifying the body, mind, and spirit. If you feel nervous, anxious, or are sleep deprived, these warm herbal oils can calm your mind and nervous system, helping you feeling relaxed, peaceful, focused, and alert.

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In Ayurvedic massage therapies, the warm herbal oils deeply penetrate cells and release toxins at the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. It both detoxifies and heals at a cellular level. Thus, stress is removed from its root place, and the self-healing of cells is promoted.

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This ayurvedic therapy is performed using Ayurvedic herbal oils. In Abhyanga, the herbal oils are chosen based on the constitution of the person (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha) and current condition of the individual. This Relaxes muscles, Relieves fatigue, Rejuvenates the body, Increases longevity, Anti-ages the body, Improves blood circulation & Nourishes the body and mind

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We offer it nourishment through ancient Ayurvedic remedies. Our trained physicians will consult with you and chart out the perfect treatment to suit your condition.

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Ayurveda Health Center offers a wide range of authentic ayurvedic treatments with an inspiring combination of distinctive hospitality and bespoke wellness. Our Ayurvedic treatments and massages helps you to maintain and get a healthy radiance, that restore a peaceful mind, body and encourage relaxation and reduce stress. All our ayurveda treatments are specially intend to fit your health and body conditions.

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