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Njavara Kizhi Therapy

Refresh with Natural Herbal Elixir

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Njavara Kizhi is an Ayurvedic therapy involving a poultice filled with cooked Njavara rice and medicinal herbs. The warm poultice is applied to the body, promoting relaxation and toxin release. It's used for arthritis, muscle stiffness, and skin issues, balancing doshas for overall wellness.

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Njavara Kizhi is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy originating from Kerala, India. It involves the application of a poultice made from cooked Njavara rice, herbal powders, and medicated oils to the body. The poultice is gently massaged over the skin, allowing the therapeutic properties of the ingredients to penetrate deeply and nourish the tissues. This treatment is renowned for its rejuvenating and revitalizing effects on the body and mind.

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Njavara Kizhi offers a wide range of benefits for physical and mental well-being. The warmth of the poultice helps to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and alleviate joint pain. Additionally, the nourishing properties of the Njavara rice and herbal ingredients promote skin health, leaving it soft, supple, and glowing. The treatment also aids in detoxification, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and promote overall health. Moreover, Njavara Kizhi induces a deep sense of relaxation, reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue, while promoting mental clarity and emotional balance. Overall, this traditional Ayurvedic therapy provides a holistic approach to healing, restoring balance and vitality to the body and mind

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