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Sensory Bliss

Rejuvenation and revitalization of sensory organs.

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This rejuvenation program is comprising Deha Prasadhanam (Oil massage), medicated steam bath & Shirodhara. It combines Deha Prasadhanam and Shirodhara along with special therapies to rejuvenate your five sensory organs viz. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue & Skin.

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To feel each moment to the fullest, it is essential that all our sense organs are healthy. Indriya Prasadana is the special treatment program which includes local treatments, medications, diet and exercises for eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin which helps the rejuvenation and revitalization of these sense organs..

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A treatment must for the one who believes in living healthy and indulge in mental activities which fatigues the mind and tires the senses. It is our initiative to show you the way of healthy living. A stress free healthy mind improves quality of life and promotes longevity.

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We offer it nourishment through ancient Ayurvedic remedies. Our trained physicians will consult with you and chart out the perfect treatment to suit your condition.

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Ayurveda Health Center offers a wide range of authentic ayurvedic treatments with an inspiring combination of distinctive hospitality and bespoke wellness. Our Ayurvedic treatments and massages helps you to maintain and get a healthy radiance, that restore a peaceful mind, body and encourage relaxation and reduce stress. All our ayurveda treatments are specially intend to fit your health and body conditions.

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